About Larrakia Nation

Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation was set up in 1997 to represent the interests and further the aspirations of the eight Larrakia families, particularly with respect to Native Title. Administered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act, it is a dynamic, membership-based organisation, and a major Aboriginal service delivery and business development organisation in the areas of community services, homelessness support, land and sea monitoring and management and arts, culture and knowledge.

Larrakia Nation’s membership, currently more than 740 people, consists of descendants of the original inhabitants of the Darwin region, drawn from the 8 main families:  Batcho, Browne/Talbot/Kenyon, Cubillo, Fejo, McLennan, Raymond/Mills, Roman and Shepherd. These eight families are represented on the organisation’s logo by eight spears, together with the major totem for the Larrakia people, dangalaba (Crocodile).

VISION “to be a strong, self-sufficient and healthy Nation of Larrakia people, participating fully in the wider economy of Darwin and the Northern Territory, where Larrakia language, law and culture is known, respected and valued by all members of that community”

Our purpose is to:

  • protect Larrakia lands for Larrakia people, culture and country;
  • promote Larrakia language, law and culture;
  • secure the Larrakia Nation for the future, our children, our people and our Country; and
  • alleviate social and economic disadvantage for Larrakia.
  • to hold any titles to land
  • to encourage partnerships and joint venture relationships with other parties interested in using the traditional country
  • contribute to a process of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-indigenous people in Darwin

Our values are important to our cultural and social identity and include:

  • the Larrakia Nation objectives, as per our constitution;
  • the Larrakia identity as the foundation of the Larrakia Nation;
  • the survival and responsiveness of Larrakia culture to the dynamics of colonisation, urbanisation and the growth of a thriving multicultural city;
  • our role (past and present) in welcoming visitors onto our land and in our struggle for recognition of our land rights;
  • recognition of our role as the host of this land through managing country, conducting ceremonial activities, welcoming and assisting visitors, coordinating activities on Larrakia country and educating visitors about Larrakia people, our land and our culture;
  • being responsive to opportunities and change, while maintaining a commitment to Larrakia cultural integrity;
  • a commitment to and a belief in the mutual benefit of services being accessible by all (not only Larrakia); and
  • our position as an Indigenous role model in the areas of governance, program management and development.

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