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This service is not currently being coordinated by Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation

Welcome songs: didgeridoo, clap sticks and singing

Two-person performance by the Kenbi Musicians from Belyuen. The Belyuen community is across Port Darwin from the city of Darwin, on the eastern side of Cox Peninsula (128 km by road from Darwin).

  • Between 10:30am-7pm              $1,078 (+gst)
  • Before 10:30am/after 7pm:      $1,430* (+gst)
    * additional cost due to accommodation/extra meals required  


Welcome songs: singing, didgeridoo and clapsticks

(20 minutes – approx.10 min.speech/approx.10mins music)
Welcome to Country, and a two-person performance by Darwin-based Indigenous musical talent.

  • Welcome to Country, didgeridoo performance                                                      $1,078 (+gst)
  • Welcome to Country, didgeridoo & songman/clapstick performance           $1,430 (+gst)

Tiwi Strong Women’s Choir


Ladies from the Tiwi Islands offer a fun interactive experience of cultural song. The Tiwi islands are 80 km to the north of Darwin where the Arafura Sea joins the Timor Sea and are part of the Northern Territory.

  • 6 women singers , two guitarists and clapsticks: $4,290 + gst
  • 10 women singers, two guitarists and clapsticks: $6,500 + gst

All performances include traditional dance movements (varying tempos. some include  gospel/gestural hand movements). The choir also talks with the audience, invites people up to learn a dance, and explain each song and the actions and the related story.

Duration: up to 3 x 15 min sessions (with a small breaks in between)

The choir has a number of songs in their repertoire -  mostly in Tiwi language and some in English.



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