Lyons Community

Variety of media

A collaboration between Larrakia Nation artists James Gaston, Peter Browne, Dianne (Deede) Quall, Dotty Fejo, Jocelyn Archer and artist Techy Masero. 

The Larrakia artists have created cultural images around the Lyons Community. These include

paintings on play equipment, etchings on benches, sculptures, a mural, and bollard, light decoration and pavement inlay designs.

These works tell stories of Larrakia culture. All the land and waters in the greater Darwin area are rich with animals and birds. The Lyons area was a place where Larrakia people came out bush to camp with their families. Turtles come and lay their eggs on beach there, and Larrakia people believe that it’s up to them to look after the turtles.

There are lots of insects like dragonfly and butterflies as well as sea and mud creatures. You can see barramundi going after mullet in the creek and in the sea, stingray and squid and sharks. Stories tell about a Frog dreaming here called ngartba-ngartba in Larrakia. He is a little sand frog with three eyes on top where his

forehead is. These frogs call when the rains come and the elders do a frog dance.

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