Palmerston Lagoon

Concrete & Bronze Sculptures & Inlays

ARTISTS: Tony Duwun Lee, Roque Lee,  Yvonne Odegard

“Palmerston Is bountiful with food for hunting and gathering. There is an unregistered sacred site which we feel is safe for the moment as it is too far into the bush. There are areas around Palmerstone which are protected as a heritage green belt, to preserve the fresh water creek which we call blue water as it turns blue when it rains. The water here and in most parts of Darwin flow into the Howard River system, which is integral to the maintaining of our cultural practices such as hunting, fishing and ceremony. “ – Tibby Quall, Larrakia Elder.

“My inspiration for my art comes from my Larrakia grandmother, Christina Cubillo. Christina was the eldest of the 10 children born to lilly Cubillo, a Larrakia woman, ne; McKeddie. Christina was a Larrakia story teller and she came to visit me when I was a little girl. She would tell me Larrakia stories with my older sister Christine and the stories that she told to me and my sister Christine come through my art that I paint spiritually. My Father Leo Odegaard has also played a very important part in me developing my Larrakia art and his knowledge of his culture has also inspired me to paint spiritually. Many years before my father passed he gave me permission to paint Larrakia art.” – Yvonne Odegard

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