Dilly Bags & Bush Peanuts (Dotty Fejo)


Dotty Fejo is Larrakia woman who has lived in Darwin all her life and has been involved in creating numerous public art works.

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Dotty Fejo

Artist: Dotty Gladys Fejo
Title: Dilly Bags & Bush Peanuts (Deep Pink)
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2014
Size: 500x600mm

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Dotty Fejo is Larrakia woman who has lived in Darwin all her life, Born 1966 to Linda Ray Fejo and Edward Allen Fejo. Dotty speaks English and Creole while she understands many other languages due to growing up in the multicultural environment of Bagot Community on Larrakia Land. She started making art in the year 2000 specialising in painting on canvas. Dotty was taught painting by her father and uncle who are known for their carving and art within the Larrakia community.

Dotty has been involved in creating numerous public art works including; Lyons suburb at Lee Point, where she has supplied painted canvas as well as murals and tile designs; The Vopak tank at East Arm, which tells the story of the Larrakia; Mural at Howard Springs nature reserve; External and internal art for the hospital short term accommodation unit.

In May 2006, Dotty was chosen to participate in the ABC mini-series Painting Australia, which looks at artists and their relationship with the Land around them and how they depict this relationship through their Art. Dotty’s art focuses on food that is available from Larrakia land and sea. Her art reflects her relationship to the land and is unique in the way that she uses lines to create a three dimensional effect.

“This painting is of bush peanuts and dilly bags. Bush peanuts are collected in dillybags. The curved lines created for the dilly bags have a 3D effect of movement. The way that I paint is unique only to me. My Grand Fathers came to me in a dream and told me to paint it this way. I will continue to paint in this way forever.”

- Dotty Fejo



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