Denise Quall

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Denise QuallDenise’s mother is a Larrakia woman and her father is of Fillipino descent on his father’s side and his mother is from the Lake Nash area, near Alice Springs.

Denise was born in Darwin and grew up in Parap camp in the old Sydney Williams huts.  The youngest of five children, three brothers and one sister, she has lived in Darwin all her life.

Denise has always been passionate about her art and is skilled in fabric printing, lino cut printing, painting on canvas, and more recently large scale public murals on a range of surfaces.

Taught by her family, Denise started at the Larrakia Nation Art Centre in 2005, after many years of painting on canvas and fabric from her home in Karama. Denise now works on large scale public art projects such as the roof painting at the Darwin airport, Lyons Park rock sculpture and design, Tiger Brennan Drive and currently the interior and exterior public art work for accommodation at the hospital.

Denise’s dreaming totems are the saltwater crocodile (Dangalaba) and Sea Eagle (Nagandji Nagandji).

“I wish to continue on this road, learning more each day of an artist view, especially in cultural ways.  I believe culture is very important; every individual has a unique way of expressing their feelings in artistic form.  Learning from Aboriginal elders is a treasure of memories.”

 -  Denise Andjurra Quall 

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