Dianne Quall

Dianne Quall (affectionately known as ‘Deede’) is a Larrakia woman. Her areas of expertise include:Dianne Quall_2

  • Art workshop facilitator
  • Exhibiting artist
  • Art demonstrations
  • Public art projects
  • Bush Tucker workshop facilitator



Dianne’s mother is a Larrakia woman and her father is of Fillipino descent on his father’s side and his mother is from the Lake Nash area, near Alice Springs. Her totem is Dangalaba. One of five children, Dianne was born in Darwin and grew up in Parap camp in the old Sydney Williams huts.

Taught art by her family, Dianne focuses on painting, textiles and public art projects such as the East Arm Tank Project and the Shell Supply Base Rock Carving Entrance Project.

Art as Identity & Education

For Dianne, creating art is about identity – where you come from and how you are connected to the land. It is also a way of showing and sharing culture. This spiritual connection is something that always resides in her heart, but is also like a snake traveling though the county. It does not stay in one place. Dianne hopes her art will facilitate greater understanding and respect and allow people to understand her as a Dangalaba person. It is all about respect. What she can share though art, she hopes, will bring about a greater understanding, respect and a feeling of connection in others.

“People show their feelings through stories, music, dancing, and art. Painting is a way of expressing strong feelings and showing connection to county and spirit.  Cultural knowledge is something you don’t loose; it is something you keep alive by sharing with the next generation, and something to share with your grandchildren.” – Dianne Quall

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