Jennifer Coombes

Jannifer_CoombesJennifer Coombes is a Tiwi artist whose area of expertise includes:

  • Exhibiting artist
  • Cultural image design

Family history Born in Darwin in 1977, Jennifer’s family comes from Munupi (Garden Point) on Melville Island. Her grandfather is a tribal leader of this area and is a senior songman. Her Father is from New Zealand.

  • Skin group: Takaringuwi (Mullet)
  • Dreaming: Turtle (Jarrakalani)
  • Mother’s skin group: Takaringuwi (Mullet)

Visual Art Jennifer paints on paper and canvas, in the Tiwi traditional style. She has also created some linoprints. Jennifer developed her artistic skills and cultural knowledge by watching and listening to “the old people” – her mother, aunties, uncles, and grandparents. Their main craft was the Pukumani pole, which is a ceremonial burial pole, spears and bark paintings, among other Tiwi art forms. Jennifer started out at Munupi Arts which is a well known Aboriginal art enterprises today. She is also Larrakia Nation’s Finance Manager.

“I would like to keep my culture strong so that future generations can learn, so our culture goes on forever and doesn’t die out.” Jennifer Coombes.

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