Kenny Reid

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Kenny ReidKenny Reid is a Larrakia man who grew up in the Northern Territory. He is a talented painter and carver. He has been painting for 20 years and produces both traditional and contemporary art. Kenny’s family dreaming stories, which have been passed down from Granny Ubaba, are the “Itchy Billabong” and “Octopus”

Kenny enjoys painting hunting trips. He hunts and gathers the various animals and bush tucker available during the different seasons on Larrakia country, such as turtle, fish, crab, stingray, duck, goose and turkey and collecting bush tucker. His paintings depict his catch, where it is from, how much he has speared, where the tucker was caught what they were eating at the time.

Kenny collects his own wood for carving from his traditional country. Most of his carvings are of saltwater creatures and mangrove birds. He also carves clap sticks, spears boomerangs and didgeridoos. All his carvings are painted using traditional Larrakia designs.

Kenny’s art and designs were used at the railway terminal in Darwin, East Point. Iron casts of Kenny’s carvings are on site at the Tiger Brennan Drive overpass. He carved the first dug out canoe made in 60 years for the Larrakia Nation Museum Project in 2003. Kenny’s dugout canoes are on display at the Koomali Cultural Centre in Batchelor.


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