Leslie Gordon

IMG_3075Leslie Gordon is a Larrakia traditional owner from the Shepherd family group (one of the 8 family groups that make up the Larrakia language group).

Leslie is an:

  • art/craft workshop facilitator
  • bush tucker/medicine guide and presenter


About family  groups

More specifically, Leslie is from the Briston family group – a well-known sporting family. Her mother, Alice, is part of the stolen generation. Her mother’s mother is from the Marrathiel language group. Her mother’s father is from the Shepherd family group.

About learning and sharing culture

Growing up in the Darwin area with other Larrakia family groups gives me a great sense of pride. Lots of families camped and hunted together. My experiences as a child has given me courage to hunt and forage on country. The plant and bush tucker knowledge that I have learnt from my sisters has given me my identity. I feel comfortable and enjoy sharing my knowledge with the wider Darwin community. Thoughtout my life I have never stopped learning about Larrakia culture. I feel comfortable with my identity and who I am. I am a proud Larrakia, and I thoroughly enjoy interacting with people and sharing my knowledge.

Working history

  • 10 years: Driver Primary School
    AIEW (Aboriginal and Islander Education Worker) – set up bush tucker garden, cultural awareness parenting programs, community engagement
  • Rosebury Middle School
    AIEW (Aboriginal and Islander Education Worker)
  • Larrakia Menbeni Rangers:
    Developed bush tucker garden
  • Cultural activities:
    NAIDOC Palmerston Family Day
    NAIDOC: various schools
    Darwin City Council Fun Bus
    Garrmalang Festival (2014)
    Parap Day Care
  • Community Engagement
    Partnerships with parenting programs; initiated connections/partnerships, developed program with NGOs, implemented & delivered programs in the school environment
    - Smith Family
    - F.A.S.T. NT (Families & Students Together)
    - HIPPY Program
  • Larrakia Cultural Heritage Monitor
    Icthys, Bladdin Point
    Maintain and manage Larrakia cultural heritage sites

Holds a current ochre card

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