Linda Hill

Linda_Hill_Larrakia_artistLinda is a Larrakia woman, from the Dangalaba mob. She is from the Yirrabandu family group. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Bush tucker workshop facilitation
  • Public art

Family & Culture

Linda’s mother and grandmother had a big influence on her. From a young age she learned about animal tracks. Linda’s grandmother was a woman’s ceremony leader.  She grew up seeing knowledge being shared through stories and dance.


Linda is a senior Aboriginal health worker and qualified nutritionist. She is the founder of Gumileybirra, the first Aboriginal women’s and children’s health service in Darwin.  Linda was the first Aboriginal program officer for breast screening in the Northern Territory and developed these services throughout the territory.

Art Practice

Linda painted for the first time in 1995. Although she had no experience, the skills came to her intuitively and she was able to paint a woman’s story. Painting for Linda, is a spiritual experience, and a way of educating and preserving memories.  Linda has never painted with the intention to sell, instead she facilitates art to educate and heal. She has painted many murals ‘through health eyes’ in clinics, to educate people and share knowledge.  Linda recognizes the amazing power art has to communicate in a way language cannot. Linda has developed a different style of painting because of the gift of her unusual hands.

Sharing cultural knowledge

Linda feels it is very important to educate people in order to kindle respect and a sense of connection. “If you are doing cross-cultural training, you are addressing peoples expectations of Larrakia culture,” Linda says. She is passionate about fighting for causes like Native Title, land rights, and addressing government and political issues.

“Painting gives me time to reflect and remember. I use painting to preserve my spiritual connection to the land and process emotional experiences. Art is is the soul of my Aboriginality” – Linda Hill


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