Shannon Lee


Shannon_LeeShannon Lee, is a young Larrakia man and a member of the large local Cubillo family, one of the eight Traditional Owner
families of the Darwin region.

Shannon’s areas of expertise include:

  • cultural storytelling
  • didgeridoo playing workshops
  • spear throwing workshops
  • bush string making workshops

Son of Roque Lee, Shannon’s activities provide participants with an insight into what traditional life is like for Aboriginal people.

Traditional teachings through activities “Spear throwing was one of the main techniques used for hunting, and bush string was made for fishing nets and baskets, both are key skills needed to survive many years ago. I’m proud to be able to pass on the traditional teachings which I have been privileged to receive. Continuing traditional practices is important in keeping my culture alive so that it’s not forgotten or lost.

Storytelling “True to Indigenous culture, storytelling is also part of what I do. I share stories about my family’s history and connection with the area particularly in the war era where my great Grandfather lost his life in The Bombing of Darwin at Stokes Hill Wharf in 1942.”


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