Tiwi Strong Women’s Choir

  • 6 women singers , two guitarists and clapsticks: $3,900 + gst
  • 10 women singers, two guitarists and clapsticks: $4,990 + gst

All performances include traditional dance movements (varying tempos. some include  gospel/gestural hand movements). The choir also talks with the audience, invites people up to learn a dance, and explain each song and the actions and the related story.

Duration: up to 3 x 15 min sessions (with a small breaks in between)

The choir has a number of songs in their repertoire -  mostly in Tiwi language and some in English. They can perform:

  • as a welcome/opening celebration
  • gala dinner
  • seminar-based cultural learning experience

The songs are mostly story-telling songs about Tiwi Country and ‘dreaming’. The choir sings in the guitar accompanied harmonised style (like the Mission choirs). They also sing traditional Tiwi style (what is commonly called the “corroboree” style).

The choir’s song list includes:

  • Crocodile man song
  • Dugong/hunting song
  • Mopaditi (evil spirits) song
  • Football song
  • Spirits of the Wind
  • Tikilaru Country song
  • Ancestral story song

+ a number of healing songs.


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