2021 Annual General Meeting


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ATTENTION MEMBERS: Larrakia Nation 2021 AGM Nov 26 @5:30PM.

The 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation will be held on Friday 26th November @ 5:30pm at 76 Dickward Drive Coconut Grove (LNAC headquarters).



  1. Checking the register of members
  2. Confirming the minutes of the 2020 annual general meeting
  3. Presenting reports: general, financial and directors’
  4. Discussion about how the Corporation is managed
  5. Electing directors (if required)
  6. Choosing an auditor and agreeing on the fee


FYI: Members can appoint another member as their proxy to attend meetings and vote for them.

A proxy appointment must contain the member’s name and address, the LNAC’s name, the proxy’s name, the meeting where the proxy is going, and it must be signed by the member.

The Corporation must receive the proxy’s appointment at least 48 hours before the meeting.

A member must not be a proxy for more than one other member.

Note: An appointment of proxy form is available from any director, the CEO or LNAC Head Office Reception.