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The Larrakia Hosts program is like the front desk of our organisation – a place where people can learn out about our people, our culture, our history and our services from a shop in the centre of Darwin.

Designed to educate government, businesses, schools, tourists, visitors and the general public about Larrakia culture and how our culture can be included in all affairs on Larrakia land, the Hosts team sets the tone of how people should acknowledge the Larrakia people and respect the land.

Outreach Liaison Officer David Kurnoth explains Hosts is not only promoting Larrakia culture, but also promoting Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation. “It’s a contact point where locals and visitors can find information about the different services offered by Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation. We can refer to specialised officers within Larrakia to help people get what they need”.

Smith St Mall shop is where it’s at! 

If you walk into the Hosts shop in the mall, you’ll find a busy place with art all over the walls and meetings of all kinds happening in both the front and back of the shop. This popular place is where tourists can drop in to learn about Larrakia culture and buy art. Its where businesses can book Host services such as Welcome to Country and cultural awareness training. Its where visitors to Larrakia land can seek permission to be on country.

“We have a lot of people from communities outside of Darwin that see the Larrakia shop in the mall and come and want to pay respect and meet Larrakia families” explains Jeanneen McLennan, Host Program Officer and Cultural Awareness Presenter.

Jeanneen believes the position of the shop is important, being so central and easy to find means more people use the service and the awareness of Larrakia culture grows. “I don’t think this shop could work anywhere else than in this spot. There are a lot of countrymen here and tourists and businesses”.

A long time coming for members

“As members of this organisation, a shop like this is something we’ve wanted to see for a long time – the promotion of Larrakia history and education of our history and language” says Jeanneen.

Selling of art and support for up and coming artists is an important role of the shop, and when you go into the shop, the connection between art and culture is immediately obvious.

“The shop gives the opportunity for all Larrakia artists to display their art in a safe, protected and well tracked environment. We sell Larrakia art on one side of the wall and on the other side are friends of Larrakia and those who have connection with Larrakia families” explains Jeanneen.

Take a trip uptown

Next time you’re in D town, stop into the shop and see the education resources available, meet the team and have a look at the beautiful artwork. Open during office hours.