Aged Care Fundraising 

It’s safe to say the Aged Care section of Larrakia Nation is where the fun is at. We have an impressive regime of entertainment for our clients, and we take pride in providing interesting, enabling, engaging and fun activities.

But with all things, it costs money, so the team have recently committed to a fundraising regime that will top up the social groups’ kitty and offer more options of social interaction for our old people.

Recent fundraising efforts

The most recent fundraising was a sausage sizzle at Bunnings on April 4. “People were so generous, and we raised over $1800” said Aged Care Lifestyle Coach Fiona Stoddart. “Aged Care staff volunteered to serve at the sizzle, and even one of our clients turned up and started helping”.

Earlier in the year there was a three day op shop fundraiser that the clients loved explained Fiona. “The clients wanted to go shopping but sometimes shopping can be tricky so we thought we would bring the shop to them.

“We called for donations and people brought in clothing and things and we set up the shop in the social room and ran it over the three social days. We had racks and hangers and tables and it looked fabulous. We got a big mirror and converted the disabled toilet into a change room. People loved it!”

Our op shop in the social room at Larrakia Nation

Use it or lose it 

Its old oldie, but a goodie – use it or lose it. Aged Care is wedded to this motto when it comes to caring for their clients. Gone are the day of passive care where clients had everything done for them. Larrakia Nation believes in participation and empowerment which is why clients are heavily involved in the setting their social program.

“It is important that we enable and empower our clients” said Fiona. “It gives them a goal and a purpose. Instead of being passive we encourage people to be active participants in their own lives. They are excited to talk about events and come up with ideas and help with the planning. I believe it is important that treat our clients with respect. They are adults and they deserve to be treated with respect, the same way we all want to be treated”.


Staff volunteering to serve sausages to raise money
Staff volunteering to serve sausages to raise money

All money raised goes into the kitty

All the money raised goes into the social group kitty and helps to make the social events better for our clients. “We all want to keep our clients living in the community and in control of their lives” said Fiona and who said interesting and engaging social events is a good way of doing that. The more money there is in the kitty, the more creative Fiona and the team can be, and the better care the clients receive.

Future fundraising plans 

The next big fundraising event will be our Market Day on August 14 at the Larakia Head Office in Coconut Grove. Public are invited to buy from our different stalls while supporting our Aged Care program. In additional to bric a brac we’ll be hosting a silent auction and we also encourage the community to donate through participating in the auction. Stay tuned for more details closer to the date.

Thanks to all the sponsors we can’t do it without you!