Aged Care Heads South

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Aged Care heads south! 

Larrakia Nation Aged Care has been doing a lot of work recently getting things ready to extend service delivery south of Darwin. Earlier in the year using funding from the Larrakia-Ichthys LNG Foundation Trust, research was conducted about the aged care needs from Noonamah to Adelaide River. Currently our region of service delivery stops at Howard Springs, but we believe there is unmet need further south.


A huge need south of Darwin

The research has identified three potential sites and many clients that could use our services between Noonamah and Adelaide River. “We have identified 120 additional clients who would qualify to access our services in Acacia, Batchelor and Adelaide River” explained The Aged and Disability Care Program Manager Michelle McCall.

The feasibility study report will be released next week, but LNAC is confident extending the regions of service is very likely. LNAC CEO Robert Cooper said, “I am confident we will be in a position to expand into those areas”.


Taking on new clients has already begun

Michelle explains things are starting to move already. “The area is extremely excited about the potential for LNAC aged care to provide services in the rural area. We have already signed two clients up with another 11 awaiting immediate sign up. We have recruited in the area for local staff and will be commencing home care package services in the next week”.


Negotiating care package funding 

In the future, to service more clients, LNAC will need to be allocated more home care packages and more Commonwealth home care packages.

Currently LNAC can offer home care packages to clients in regions from Noonamah to Adelaide River but not Commonwealth home support programs which are allocated to clients with lower level needs.

“The next step is negotiating an increase to our Commonwealth Home Support Package allocation with the Commonwealth to be able to service more clients outside of our current service delivery region” says Michelle.