Carol Quill

Carol Quill


Newly elected to the Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation Board, Carol Quill has a long history with the nation and is proud to have the opportunity to sit on the board. A quick Q and A with Carol to get to know her better.

Q: What is your relationship with LNAC?

A:I am a member of the Roman/Danks Family Group and I’m a proud Larrakia woman. I’m a member of Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation (LNAC) and I’m also one of the newly appointed Board of Directors for LNAC.

Have you sat on boards before? 

I’ve been on the INPEX/Larrakia Advisory Committee for 18 months and am now on the LNAC Board. The combination of working with both LNAC and INPEX works well for me, it allows me to assist Larrakia people with the many issues that affect us in todays’ society.

Q: What are you hoping to bring to the board?

A:One of my aims is to get to know the programs available at Larrakia Nation and to assist our Larrakia people to tap into these programs. I want to be able to contribute my skills, knowledge and work life experience in training & education to the board.

I’ve always maintained that as a Larrakia woman I want to have a voice for Larrakia people who don’t have a voice. There are many Larrakia people who do not get the opportunity to sit on boards.  I want to be their voice. I also want to contribute to our community.

I have an Advanced Diploma of Early Childhood and Bachelor of Education Teaching degree. I’m a specialised language teacher, I specialised in how babies and children acquire language. As a specialised language teacher, I know education, training and employment amongst our people is crucial to our people moving forward.

There is a long way for Larrakia people to go to be competitive in the workforce, however, I’m hoping this is something we can move closer towards, to put ourselves on the map. It is a work in progress and I believe I have the right skills set on the board to assist our people in moving forward, to advance our people so they can become more competitive in the employment industry.

Q: Has Larrakia Nation been a part of your life for a long time?

A:Yes, it has. I’ve been a member of Larrakia Nation since its beginning. In fact, my family has been a part of Larrakia Nation for a long time. My brother Kelvin Costello was a previous CEO of Larrakia Nation. My mother Rachel Roman worked as an Aged Care worker for many years ago. She was also the Cook at Larrakia Nation.

It is a great honour to sit on the Larrakia Nation Board. It is a time when we get together to discuss issues that affect our people.  The Larrakia people.