Celebrating a Decade of Service 

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The first of February was a proud day for Larrakia Nation because we celebrated all our staff, but importantly we celebrated staff that have been working with us for 10 years. Yasmin Good, Brendan Hicks, Linda McLean, Natalie Quall, Dorrie-anne Raymond, Betty Shepherd, and Vaughan Williams were all recognised for their long-term commitment to Living Stronger and Living Longer for Larrakia people.

Lee Upton the HR Manager at LNAC said she believes people work at LNAC for longer because they are invested. “The Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation is made up of descendants eight families and I think they have a personal investment in the organisation, a bit like an ownership of the organisation”.

Lee also explained that Larrakia is bucking the trend when it comes to retaining staff. “Long service is a rarity in the not-for-profit sector where the turnover currently sits at about 46%. Our turnover is 34% which is impressive against the sector average”.

‘Appreciation of the Nation’ certificates were given to the group and an engraved glass trophy. “People were really appreciative and it’s good role modelling for our staff to see their colleagues reaching such an amazing milestone” said Lee.

“Our operational level staff are fantastic because there is genuine care for clients. You can’t stay working in a place like this unless you are genuine about helping our clients and we do have some clients doing it tough”.

The event was organised by Jeaneen McLennan and the Host team who always put on a good show.

Congratulations to all staff and those who made it to 10 years with us.


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*Missing photos Yasmin Good & Brendan Hicks