Donations help the Tenancy Support Program

Keeping people in their home sits at the heart of the Tenancy Support Program and an important part of this is helping people to live comfortably and take care of their homes.

Getting furniture can be hard for tenants, and this is where the value of donation comes in. It’s common for the corporate groups around Darwin to donate home and garden things to TSP and while it might seem like a small gesture for them, their kindness has a far reaching effect. But it isn’t just the big guns that donate, individuals donate too, and every bit helps.


Beds make a big difference 

“Recently we got 120 king single beds and about six double beds from the Vibe Hotel” said TSP Coordinator Trish Kurnoth. “When donations come in we sort them and give them to the people in the program who need them the most”.

A lovely example of how donations help is an old fella at 15 Mile Camp. He usually sleeps in the floor and when Trish took beds for him and his family recently he was very happy. “He quickly picked up his old mattress and threw it out the door and made space for his new bed” said Trish.

We also gave him sheets donated by Inpex and he made his own bed up and was so proud to have his own bed. He has really bad rheumatoid arthritis so to have a nice soft bed is a really nice for him.

“I love this story – he was so happy that old fella” said Trish.

Another nice story is beds being donated to people in Belyuen. “There are quite a few people in Belyuen looking for beds, so I got in touch with Rosie Hewitt at Yilli Housing and she took some of the beds out there. People were really happy to get their new beds so they didn’t have to sleep on the floor”.


If you want to donate

If you have home and garden items that you want to donate we are always happy to receive them. The best way is to get in touch with Trish at and explain what items you want to donate and how they can be transported to the Larrakia office in Coconut Grove.


bot and bed cropped
Very happy with his new bed. Thanks Vibe Hotel!
Rosie taking beds cropped
Yilli Housing