ID cards to speed up vaccinations for homeless and community visitor mobs. 

We are committed to looking after all our people in the Darwin region.

Our long-grass community are among one of the most vulnerable groups generally, but especially in the face of this global COVID pandemic.

LNAC has created temporary ID cards for our homeless and community visitor mobs to assist in the process of getting vaccinated to offer protection against COVID-19.

LNAC is no stranger to issuing formal ID cards through the Return to Country program and has run a successful service for many years.

The temporary ID cards are an extension of this service, having been created specifically for the purpose of speeding up the vaccination process for our homeless and community visitors to Darwin.

LNAC has partnered with Danila Dilba to encourage more COVID-19 vaccinations, to ensure that they are protected against the coronavirus and do not become seriously unwell in the event of community spread.

So many of our mob have existing health conditions that would make them seriously sick if they caught COVID-19, we are working together to help increase the vaccination rate of our long grass mob, including transport and having appointments available.

Our outreach staff will be working with clients to organise the paperwork for the temporary ID’s and transport to the clinic for their vaccination and doing it all again for the second vaccination.

For more info call: 1300 728 765 or talk to our outreach staff when you see them in the community.