Larrakia Cultural Protocols

In the 80’s and 90’s Larrakia Nation ran the Ambassador program where we held discussions with elders and people who were visiting Darwin from other communities.

These important discussions provided an opportunity to express the views of the Larrakia people about antisocial behaviour and to explain the need for all parties to be comply with protocols put in place by Larrakia Traditional Owners.

In 2018 we started the Host program which is modelled on the Ambassador program and similarly promotes awareness and compliance with the Larrakia Cultural Protocols.


Artwork to promote the protocols

A significant piece of artwork by Desmond ‘Kootji’ Raymond was used to promote the protocols under the Ambassador program, and we are proud to announce as relaunch of the same artwork to spread awareness and compliance of our protocols under the Host program.

Titled ‘Them Fella Boss Blung Kantri’, the artwork is as relevant today as it was some 40 years ago and we believe it will be an important tool in tackling antisocial behaviour and educate visitors from all backgrounds, not just visitors from community about the correct way to behave on Larrakia country.

The artworks depict three Larrakia totems; boetdoemba (sea eagle), danggalaba (crocodile) and malama guligi (king brown snake) surrounding the delirra (setting sun). Each of these totems represent wisdom, guidance and respect for Larrakia country. At the end of the day, these three bosses come together through the land, sea and air to embody the power and authority over Larrakia country.


Disseminating the artwork and protocols 

We will be spreading the protocols and artwork throughout Darwin and intend for the artwork to be synonymous with encouraging behaviour that respects the Aboriginal owners of all the land and waters of the greater Darwin and rural area.

You will see the artwork and protocols on:

  • Official signage
  • Public parks and recreational areas, market sites, boat ramps, libraries and council offices and public spaces.
  • Shopping centres, hospitals and medical centres, defence facilities, schools and educational material, law courts, Parliament and MLA offices and government services.
  • Prisons, police stations, airports and ferry, shipping and bus terminals, major sporting venues, on and in buses and taxis.
  • Darwin entry points on road signage, in pubs, clubs, bottle shops, taverns and town camps.
  • Relevant tourism presentations, signage, and regional entry points.
  • Larrakia presentations, educational materials, uniforms, posters, flyers, business cards and promotional material.
  • Print, electronic and film media


Updated Larrakia Cultural Protocols. 

The Larrakia have always welcomed people to our lands, despite our ongoing struggle for proper recognition of our rights. The Larrakia aim to foster relationships according to our cultural protocols, which we ask you to respect.

  1. Larrakia are the Aboriginal owners of all the land and waters of the greater Darwin and rural area, including identified Aboriginal living areas.
  2. Aboriginal law requires respect for the cultural authority of the Aboriginal owners.
  3. We speak for our country and we have an obligation, along with our neighbours to care for our country.
  4. Visitors should respect that we retain traditional knowledge, such as stories about significant sites.
  5. All visitors are responsible for their behaviour and should respect the guidance of Larrakia.
  6. Learning about country is everybody’s obligation including visitors, residents, NGOs and government.
  7. Inappropriate behaviour reflects badly on Larrakia people and we do not accept it.