Larrakia cultural services 

We offer fee for service on a wide range of cultural services such as:

  • Welcome to Country ceremonies
  • Saltwater Welcome to Country ceremonies
  • Smoking ceremonies
  • Didgeridoo performances
  • Tap stick & singerman performances
  • Traditional cultural dancers
  • Cultural awareness courses/packages

If you or your organisation would like to book a cultural service fill out a CULTURAL REQUEST FORM 

If you’re Larrakia and want to find out more about how to create an income stream from cultural services, please get in touch with our Host program by emailing 

Review of our fees (as at February ’23)

To keep up with demand and stand by our new Strategic Direction of Larrakia first, we have increased our rates for three reasons:

  1. We haven’t increased our charges in many years, and we want to be comparable with the rest of Australia. This also includes ensuring our ceremony requests are for events that are appropriate and respectful. 
  2. We believe that our Talented Larrakia Contractors should be paid fairly and appropriately. Additionally are looking at improving our presentation of our ceremonies, services and our activities.  
  3. A percentage of our earnings go into a fund that will ensure Larrakia service development for Larrakia people. The fund will be investing in a long term future for the Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation.