Larrakia Nation Celebrates 20 Years

Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation is proudly celebrating 20 years of representing the Traditional Owners of the Darwin Region, speaking on behalf of the people and delivering community and outreach support services to the Darwin community.

For 20 years, Larrakia Nation has been the vehicle to hold the Native Title Claim and to provide training and employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. As the anniversary approaches, Larrakia Nation reflects on past, present and future milestones that have helped shape and influence the corporation, to become what it is today.

CEO Robert Cooper stated, “As we celebrate our 20th birthday, we are again seeing a time of growth for the LNAC. In the past six months, we have expanded our aged care and disability services program, recommenced engagement with our Larrakia artists, and commenced supplying the NT Government with Day Patrol Services, a program similar to the watch house program last operated by LNAC in 2015.

“The corporation has returned to a position of profitability, meaning we can now consider reinvesting our profits in the preservation and promotion of the Larrakia culture.”

Today, Larrakia Nation runs over 20 programs, employing 65 staff, 44 of whom are indigenous. On top of that, the corporation has plans for business expansion that will see opportunities to employ up to 30 additional indigenous people, with a mission to work together, caring for land, sea, culture and people, with a vision of Living Stronger, Living Longer.

Larrakia Chairman Richard Fejo is pleased with where the corporation is currently placed and is now looking to the future. “We are a critical part of community service delivery in the Darwin Region, and we need to keep extending ourselves and the services we provide to lead the movement to improve the health and wellbeing of the indigenous peoples of the Territory.” That leadership is demonstrated by the plan in front of the Commonwealth Government to launch a Larrakia Ambassadors program, to provide education and visitor assistance services to new arrivals to Darwin.

This year is also the 20th anniversary of National Sorry day, and will be recognised by indigenous organisations across the Northern Territory. This year, Larrakia Nation also celebrates its own history. This will commence with a parliamentary reception to recognise our key stakeholders on 23 May at Parliament House. It will be followed by a formal dinner at the Darwin Trailer Boat Club on Friday 25 May, sponsored by Inpex, Intract and Ironbark, to give past and present members the opportunity the meet and swap stories about the history of the corporation.

The final event will be the Family Fun Day on May 26th at the Jingili Water Gardens. The event, sponsored by Larrakia Development Corporation and Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia, will be for all Larrakia families and the whole Darwin community to meet and enjoy a relaxed day out at the Jingili Water gardens.