New Business Development Manager role at LNAC

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LNAC has created a new position at the executive level called the Business Development Manager. This important role will focus on the strategic and business direction of the organisation to make sure we are moving in the right direction and capitalising on opportunities as we go.

Robert Campbell started in the role in mid-May, and we are happy to have a man of his calibre on board. He was attracted to the role because it gives him an opportunity to help is people, but also help LNAC in realising the land ownership aspirations of the Larrakia. “While Native Title isn’t happening here yet, it will in the future and I want to help make that happen”.

Central Australian Native Title 

Before starting with LNAC Robert was the CEO of the Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation in Alice Springs. “We dealt with Native Title and were the prescribed body corporate of Alice Springs.

When asked how he felt being so far north, Robert explained he was not only born in Katherine but spent close to decade working in communities throughout the Top End.

“I’m a builder by trade and ran my own building business for about seven years building houses in Bulman, Barunga, Beswick, Robinson River, Lajamanu, Rabbit Flats and Tindal in Katherine. I know the region well.”

Big role to fill 

Robert explained that while he can tell the work is going to be a challenge, he feels good about it. “I think there are challenges ahead due to the fact that we are reviewing our strategic plan and business plan. It’s also going to be a challenge to keep up with the growth of the organisation and staff”.

Larrakia Nation is growing fast, but the team is growing too. When asked if Robert can see anything he wants to change he said to ask him in six months’ time!, I am still getting my feelers out. I want to make sure I assess the situation, and then help and support. One of my big things is communication with the wider staff not just at the CEO or executive level. I believe you got start at grass roots and work your way up”.

Making use of opportunities 

The reputation of LNAC has strengthened considerably in the last two years, and with that comes an increase in funding opportunities and the potential to expand the reach and impact of the work we do. The Business Development Manager role is important in making sure we are not only using opportunities as they come up, but creating opportunities for LNAC.

While only new in the position, Robert has some definite ideas about how we are going to keep momentum in the right direction. “We need to make sure we use opportunities for funding while sorting out ongoing issues within the organisation.

“We also need to be working within the guidelines of the organisation and should be looking at revising these guidelines yearly to make sure we are serving the community. We need to be getting good feedback from the community and have a good presence in the community also”.

Robert will be based in the Darwin head office in Coconut Grove. Welcome aboard!