Patrollers RAT testing throughout Darwin

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Patrol distributing RAT tests 

If you see our Patrol staff wearing full PPE gear while out on their patrol, it’s because they’re distributing RAT tests to people.

On Friday last week LNAC started testing people living rough or on the streets to get a better idea of the extent of the spread of COVID in Darwin, and to coordinate getting people to safety if they are positive.

Results of the tests are showing a high number of positive tests in Darwin and Palmerston, which is a serious concern.

Nelson Tinoco Jnr was in Palmerston on Monday morning, where three of the seven tests given that morning had been positive. “People want to take the test, they want to know if they have COVID, and when the tests come back positive, they want to go to Howard Springs”.  When asked how he felt about being on the frontline he said we was ok. “We are protected so we are ok. We are doing this for the community”.

LNAC headquarters is busy not only organising staff to administer the tests safely, but also organising transport for people who test positive to Howard Springs. In our usual style, we are rising to the challenge and doing what needs to be done.

LNAC has agreed to use our Patrol staff to test throughout Darwin and Palmerston for 10 days.

If people are worried and want to be tested, they can ring the 1800 PATROL number but please understand we can’t test intoxicated people because it affects the text.

Stay safe you mob.