Outreach Services

Our Outreach services are:

  • Night and Day Patrol
  • Healthy Engagement and Assistance in the Long Grass (HEAL)
  • Palmerston Family and Cultural Centre
  • Return to Country
  • Larrakia Hosts

Our services provide people with vital services and are largely designed to meet the needs of our most vulnerable. Access to stable accommodation, avoiding home eviction, travel back to community, linking up with AOD service providers and health care and opportunities for cultural connection through art.

More recently our Larrakia Hosts program facilitates the understanding, recognition and application of Larrakia culture through Welcome to Country services, school and work based education and Indigenous business development.

Patrol Services

Our Patrol Services operate 7 days a week from 5am to 2am.

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They assist by:

  • Relocating a person to a ‘safe’ environment such as a relative’s home, recognised safe house, woman’s refuge, hospital, sobering-up shelter or other medical facility;
  • Diffusing violent situations where it is safe to do so;
  • Diverting intoxicated people away from contact with the criminal justice system;
  • Providing advice, information or referral to another service;
  • Focusing on assisting youth, especially those at risk and reducing the demand placed on other services;
  • Encouraging and supporting individuals to maintain social connections with home communities, including liaison with our Return to Country Program;
  • Providing information to clients and supporting access to safe shelters in the event of a cyclone; and
  • Strengthening the existing transport services to assist the target population in accessing other services.

Contact our Patrol Services here.

HEAL - Healthy Engagement & Assistance in the Long Grass

Operating Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 4:30pm

The HEAL Program focuses on support for people living rough in Darwin-Palmerston areas. We provide health and social transport and advocacy, personal hygiene access and education, linen and bedding where necessary, and social and community engagement through assistance with Larrakia Nation activities such as Arts in the Grass.

With the most visible and recognised services with indigenous clientele. The service is regularly called upon by other services and Agencies for assistance with:

  • Reuniting lost family members;
  • Territory housing waiting list (accommodation);
  • Welfare checks (clients requiring urgent medical treatment);
  • Funeral (contacting family);
  • Support referrals (family and children services);
  • Keeping family’s united;
  • Court support (keeping clients informed and providing transport and support);
  • Support link (government departments & N.T Police); and
  • Returning clients back to communities.

Contact our HEAL Program here.


Return to Country

Running for almost 20 years, this service offers Aboriginal customers a culturally safe place to book travel for returning to country, find accommodation while in Darwin, and access ID cards.

All of our services can be accessed without upfront payment and we and can organise deductions through Centrepay to pay for services. OUR SERVICES ARE NOT FREE OF CHARGE.

Proof Of Identification 

Our IDs enable you to access bank accounts, local airlines, MVR, post office and Centrelink.
For people born in the NT we require – One referee to confirm your identity
For people born interstate we require – An original Birth Certificate and two referees to confirm your identity

Cost: $60.00 for ID card
Time: It takes 1 day to issue a card if you have your original Birth Certificate, or up to 1 week without it.
Click here to download Proof of ID form
Click here to download Proof of Authorisation form
Click here to download Proof of Identity Reference

Return Home Service

Our Return to Country service enables you to travel home in affordable and achievable ways.
One-way tickets to your home community in the NT can be booked.

Cost: Cost of travel plus 20% admin fee
Click here to download form

Accommodation Service

Our friendly staff can assist you to find low-cost accommodation when you are visiting town.
Clients are accommodated in suitable short-term hostels and must be willing to follow hostel/hotel service guidelines

Cost: Cost of accommodation plus 20% admin fee


Payments are deducted from Centrepay. Clients must sign a Centrepay deduction form and a contract to repay Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation.

Contact our Return to Country Program here.

Larrakia Host

Operating Monday to Friday –  10am to 2pm

The purpose of our Larrakia Host Program is to promote Larrakia Cultural Protocols to:

  • Share our cultural message with Darwin locals and visitors in a positive manner;
  • To promote cultural understanding between the Larrakia people as Traditional Owners and all people on Larrakia land;
  • To ensure that visitors (including Indigenous people) to our country know, understand and adhere to our Cultural Protocols; and
  • To further develop our young people’s skills to share our culture by offering employment opportunities whilst being mentored by their Elders.

Larrakia Cultural Protocols

The Larrakia people have developed a set of cultural protocols for visitors to Larrakia land. These protocols apply to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal visitors and residents on Larrakia Country. They are as follows:

  1. The Larrakia people are the Aboriginal traditional owners of all land and waters of the greater Darwin area including identified Aboriginal living areas.
  2. Aboriginal lore/law requires respect for the cultural authority of the traditional owners.
  3. Larrakia speak for Larrakia country; other traditional owners speak for their traditional lands.
  4. We have a mutual obligation to care for our country with our neighbours.
  5. Visitors should be aware that we have a body of knowledge in our land and waters, which includes sites of significance.
  6. Larrakia people expect visitors and service providers to be aware of Larrakia cultural obligations and to respect and acknowledge them.
  7. Visitors have the right to be treated with respect and understanding.
  8. All visitors are responsible for their behaviour and should respect guidance of Larrakia.
  9. Learning about country is everybody’s responsibility and it is also the responsibility of government and non-government agencies.
  10. Inappropriate behaviour reflects badly on Larrakia people and we do not accept it.

For more information about our Outreach Programs please contact us.

Palmerston Family Culture Centre

The Larrakia Nation Palmerston Family Culture Centre has a variety of programs that provides cultural connection and activities for Indigenous adults and young people.

The activities that we provide are led by Aboriginal cultural teachers and leaders.

The Centre is a great local meeting place for our people to share culture through art, craft and storytelling. We have art facilities and meeting spaces for schools and community groups to meet and share.

Activities will change regularly so please contact us for an up to date timetable.


Address: 17 Georgina Crescent, Yarrawonga
Mail: PO Box 1098 Nightcliff NT 0810
Phone: 08 8931 2120
Email: fcc1@larrakia.com

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