True story of support and compassion 

This is a little story about a family supported by our Tenancy Support Program. Last year TSP helped 149 households avoid eviction through ongoing support and education.

This story will show you how we keep people in their homes. We’ve changed the details for privacy .

Marie and Larry just moved from a remote community to Darwin. Larry is 75 years old and has serious health issues. Marie is 60 and she has medical issues too.

When they came to Darwin, their son got in touch with our Tenancy Support Program (TSP) for help. Our team gave bedding and other household things to help them set up their new Darwin home.

Importantly we helped Marie and Larry connect with the other services in Darwin like Somerville for loans for a new fridge and washing machine and later, a new TV.

We also helped set up regular payments for electricity from their Centrelink payments, so the power bills were always up to date.

Each fortnight we loan a mower and trailer to help Marie and Larry keep their yard clean.

Sometimes there are issues or concerns about the house and Marie or Larry will ring us for help. If they go back to country for cultural issues, they tell us, so we know when they’re going and when they’ll be back.

Larry rings if he needs advice on buying things for the house. He’s also asked for our help in managing overcrowding in the house and moving visitors on. We spend time sitting and talking through their concerns.

Sometimes Marie and Larry get mail they don’t understand, and we help them action the important mail. Recently we helped them get their concession cards which were well overdue!

Marie and Larry are clients TSP will continue to support while they live in Darwin. It’s our role to liaise with Territory Housing about issues that are concerning them and also to help Marie and Larry understand their roles and responsibilities as tenants.