Cultural Heritage Management


Aboriginal cultural heritage comprises a wide variety of sites. These may include:

  • dreaming sites
  • archaeological sites
  • burial sites
  • sites important for historical reasons
  • sites with culturally significant resources, like dye plants

Managing cultural heritage is not easy, with many people who are required to be consulted with. Cultural heritage can be known or unknown – just because a site is not marked about, or not known about, doesn’t mean it’s not important, such as an archaeological site.

With the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority no longer responsible for non-sacred heritage sites, it’s more important than ever that you engage with the Larrakia prior to, during and after any development or land disturbance to ensure Larrakia heritage is adequately protected and you are compliant with the various heritage management acts, local and federal.

Larrakia Nation assists with cultural heritage assessment, monitoring and protection, and we may have additional resources that we can use to assist in protecting heritage sites. If this sounds like something we can assist you with, contact us.

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